Top picked paintball accessories for this fall

Who says that paintball gear needs to be stiff and military wise? Even though it’s a traditional image which most of us hold when thinking about this fun game, the manufacturers have found ways to improve not only the looks of the clothes and protective gear but also to bring innovative elements to the game.

If you’re thinking about updating your paintball gear with some fancy accessories, here’s our list of things to help you start.


One of the things you should have in the game of paintball is a reliable head cover. The primary reason for this is that the paintball can hit you in any part of the head, which leaves an awkward feeling. Besides the cover, glasses have a crucial role in protecting your eyes from the unwanted projectiles.


The fun thing about paintball is that it resembles the military or war battle. The tactics are pretty much the same, and so it the outfit. Coveralls are the necessary part of the outfit because they give you the security and enables you to keep your position unknown to the opponent team.


If the game is played on the outside, you need an adequate gear for that, especially because there are different weather conditions you must adapt to. Having reliable boots can be helpful for the game result, especially if you’re playing in the rain.


Sometimes, players face the ongoing problem related to the gun itself: they cannot get a firm grip on the weapon. Holding a gun properly is one of the key elements to the game’s success, and you can’t hit anything if the handle feels too slippery or your hands are too uncomfortable. Imagine you’re out on a cold and you should hold the gun for a while – what would happen with your hands? That’s why having the proper set of gloves can add the boost to your game.

Other than having the right set of accessories for yourself, you should be thinking about the marker, too. There are some great sets of plugs, chargers, flashlights, and other items that can add the quality to your game and your marker.

New to paintball? Read some basic rules of the game

Paintball is not a new game, but many people are still missing the fun that it brings. Some are too afraid to sign up for the game because they think it’s too violent and dangerous. On the other hand, some people are not familiar with the rules, thinking the game is too hard to play, which makes them decide to pass.

If you’re new to paintball, here are some ground rules that might help you to understand the game better.

Paintball 101

The core of the game is tactical: beat the opponent by shooting the members of his team with a specialized painted bullets. Although it resembles the military or war game, paintball adds much fun to the whole idea of finding ways to attack the opponent or defend your position.

The essential equipment used in the game includes paintballs and guns. Paintballs are small bullets filled with biodegradable paint. They’re like containers that burst when they touch the solid surface.

Another thing you should have before you start the game is the clothing. In paintball, clothing is designed to keep you safe from the hits. Therefore, the materials are high quality, and resistant to hits.

If you’re worried about the paint stains, don’t be. The die can be washed from the clothes, as well as from the skin.

The safety of the players

Since there are a lot of questions regarding the security of the players, let’s discuss the issue a bit further. The guns used in paintball (also called markers) are designed to give the players maximum safety during the game of paintball. There are strict rules that regulate the technical aspects of guns, shooting speed, controlling systems, and other relevant features.

The maximum speed for paintball guns is 91 meter per second. This is the speed that will unlikely cause any serious injuries (except the bruises). However, the players are required to wear head protection to avoid eye, mouth, and nose injuries. Since the speed of the paintball projectile is slow, it will fall shorter on the ground than the projectile with a faster speed.