New to paintball? Here’s what gear you need to have when starting

New to paintball? Here’s what gear you need to have when starting

Paintball is an outdoor recreational game that started in New Hampshire in 1981. This game is now played globally and has become a multimillion-dollar industry. You need to learn the proper skills and strategies if you want to play this game successfully. The game is organized on the battlefield where teams can get immediate access to the important accessories.

The way of playing the game and announcing the winner is different in different areas. This game has a great similarity with the game “Capture the Flag”. A paintball gun is the most important tool for every player. The game can take a few days or even a few minutes depending on the way you play the game.

There are several kinds of things that are important to play this game such as a communication tool and the protection tools. One of the major problems that most of the beginners face is that they don’t have any idea of what equipment they should have when playing this entertaining game. Today, we’re going to help you find a solution to this problem.

We’ll help you take a look at the equipment that is important to you if you want to achieve a higher rank in this game. Here’s the equipment you must bring with you when participating in the paintball game.

Paintball Mask

You should never forget to bring a mask with you that is specially designed for the paintball. The chemicals used in the paintballs can be harmful to your skin. Especially your eyes are at a greater risk if you do not consider wearing a mask while playing paintball. Some people consider wearing the sunglasses or safety goggles but they can’t provide you the protection offered by the paintball mask.

Safety Gear

It’s not only the mask that helps you stay safe during the game but there are several other things that are important for your safety such as knee and elbow pads, neck protectors and paintball gloves. These things will help you stay safe from getting hurt. A chest and back protector can also provide you the additional protection. These safety items can help you eliminate the bumps and bruises that you usually get during the game.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is another important thing that can help you protect yourself from major injuries. You need to run and hide behind the bushes during the game. You may get injured in such an environment so you should consider bringing the first aid kit with you to stay safe from any kind of danger.

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