About Us

Hi everyone that is taking the time to read this. It has been a bit of a transition and learning curve running AKA. I am proud to keep AKA as 100% using only made in the USA parts and all labor. The only down side is quality comes at a price and I did have to make some pricing changes. I feel AKA still does and always will stand for quality. If you are looking for something specific and you do not see it please drop me an email about it. I am working on adding a bunch of items that have not been listed here.

Dealers I am still trying to work out a pricing list.
We have a few new products changes be on the look out……

Thank you all for your business and continued support.

In the meanwhile, go and check out the blog. I’ll be posting some insightful and fun stuff about paintball, paintball accessories, markers, the rules of the game… Hope you’ll enjoy the theme selection!